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Abstract Artist

Elisa Gomez: Abstract Artist

Abstract artist Elisa Gomez works primarily in mixed media on canvas to create truly stunning works of art that tantalize the eye and the mind. With a BFA from the University of Utah, she studied art with an emphasis on painting and has been involved in many shows across the country. Elisa has the skill and technique of an experienced fine artist alongside a natural ability to design pieces with the same as a long-time art historian. A blend of both American and European Abstract Expressionism is displayed in much of her work, and each piece demonstrates a profound understanding of artistic elegance. This amazing abstract artist uses visual movement and a whimsical attention to color, texture, and surface to create bold, dramatic pieces. Every canvas is carefully created to both surprise and delight anyone who views it. A delicate dance between heavy and light compositions makes each work of art by Elisa Gomez a standout.

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