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Elisa Gomez received her BFA in painting from the University of Utah in 2010 and her Masters from Denver university in Arts and Culture Advocacy in 2020. Since her graduation she has been involved in multiple shows all over the country and has participated in numerous residency programs, including one at the Denver Art Museum.

Working primarily in mixed media on canvas, Elisa Gomez wields her materials with the skill of a practiced fine artist while nonetheless composing her canvases with the ease of a studied art historian. Evidenced by a few discernible, well-executed, and discrete operations, her working mode transposes the schema and aesthetic of both European and American Abstract Expressionism with a studied sensitivity particular to her training and practice. Gomez demonstrates a playful attention to color, texture, and surface. Palette and visual movement between, amongst, and across forms figure heavily into her pieces. In style as well as composition, Gomez’s work is replete with recurrent aesthetic maneuvers and nonetheless peppered with extensive variation and experimentation. Her canvases continue to surprise and delight the viewer in their transposition of elements across genres and movements. 


- Elizabeth D. Miller, Ph.D. 



Elisa Gomez is a tour de force in production, scale and versatility. Her deeply emotive paintings feel like a modern romance. The muse, a new age heroine who has so much more to present to this time than just a pretty exterior. The deep hues, varying application and dance between heavy and light compositions make her abstract work truly exceptional.

-Sahra Beaupre of Stettie Ruth

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