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Yes! I offer a payment plan for any and all paintings for sale directly out of my studio.

How to get started?

Small paintings do not require a down payment. You choose a monthly payment that works with your financial situation and set it up via PayPal or any other payment resources I accept.

Larger paintings require a downpayment to secure the painting and delivery to you.

You choose the downpayment size, usually at least 10% of the total cost, and either monthly or bi-yearly installment payments that work with your financial situation.

*Paintings offered via a payment plan will not be discounted further. This is a great opportunity to be able to own that special piece that speaks to YOU without having to worry about the cost all at once!

To inquire about setting up a payment plan fill out the Payment Plan form or e-mail me directly at

Payment Plan Form

Thanks for submitting!

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