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Back in the SHOP!

Moonlighting as a framer again has (generously) given me access to new materials to paint on and fun frames to put my paintings in. Most recently I have been experimenting with working on heavy acid free mat board with a variety of paints.

I love the way the watercolors flow on the board and how thick I can layer the acrylics. I'll be continuing this process over the next year as I prepare for my solo exhibit and look forward to expanding my practice with these new techniques!

Do you remember that little painting I made for Art Access last month? After it sold I put it in a simple hand-leafed silver frame and it came out looking amazing! Do you have frame questions about art you have or art you are thinking about buying? Send me a message and I can answer just about anything!

I also FINALLY came up with a title for my most recent series of paintings and gave them a home on my website! These little abstract oil gradation pieces are inspired by mossy, flowing rivers that I have been spending a lot of my free time at this summer. This series is all sold for the time being (Thank You!) but keep a look out for a few more over the next few months.

Stay tuned for new work, perhaps a local pop-up show, and more details about my solo exhibit!

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