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Changing Colors

Fall feels like it is here! Maybe it is because we had an unseasonably hot Summer, maybe it is because I love a hot chai and cozy sweater, or maybe it is the overcast morning today. Either way, the change in the air has been invigorating and putting new inspiration in my mind. Warm tones of changing leaves, the cool feeling of the crisp air, and new textures all around are all finding their way onto my canvases!

I am working on a few different things in my studio! Some large works for my show next year, some new babies in the Abstract series, and as promised, a new Río painting. It was incredible to sell the entire series so fast, but to give you all another chance to get your hands on them, I am making one more! Send me a message to get first dibs, and see the series HERE.

New in the shop- I created a filter to see all the recently framed paintings! I love adding my own touches to these pieces and now it is even easier to get them up on your walls. Framing can be a daunting task for some people, I get it! That is why I am slowly taking the pieces in my shop and framing them up... so you don't have to!

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