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Clean Lines & Bold Colors

It's a little crazy how much can happen in a matter of a few weeks, but the month of July was just a slew of activities!

I finished my mural for LuluLemon the first week of July and learned all about boom-lifts, working around landscaping and crazy weather.

Each mural has taught me something new and given me ideas of how to approach future projects from different angles. I am extremely happy with the way the mural turned out.

I use a combination of frog tape for straight spots and steady hands on the curves to get those super clean lines I love.

It is getting easier and easier with each mural!

Check out more pics of this project and my other murals HERE!

As I've been working on pieces for my exhibit this fall I've also added a few to my Wanderer series. Working abstractly and going with the flow sometimes means I work on pieces from other series because thats just how I'm feeling.

Check out the new pieces Here!

Commissions will be open September 1st, make sure to reach out and get your spot in the schedule!

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