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Staying Positive Together!

I certainly had a different story planned to share with you all for the month of April. There were exciting projects, classes to offer, and the anticipation of Spring. I'm sure things are changing for you too.

We are all staying home and doing our best to support our community in a healthy and safe way, and things are just.... different.

I am so lucky that I have a practice that I can do at home, that I am used to working on at home, and can  also continue my masters program without interruption at home. I have started my Capstone (time flies!) and will be working with Breck Create on their Dia de Los Muertos festival this fall. Stay tuned for more updates on the festival and how we are making it special this year!

Classes with Breck Create have been cancelled until further notice, as well as my studio time in the Randall Barn. There are so many things that are disappointing in these times, but the creative community is not one of them! I have seen incredible support and reaching out between creatives, galleries, and others involved, and it warms my heart more than I could have ever imaged.

So now, a big thanks to YOU for reading along, sharing and supporting me and the other creatives in your community.

We are all in this together! 

With murals postponed, classes cancelled, and a general uncertainty of the future for the creative community, I have added some information to my website and made some adjustments. There is now a page with info on Payment Plans for all the available work on my site. Most galleries offer the same option, so don't be afraid to ask. I have also added more work to my shop and have made significant price adjustments!

This is also a great time to talk about commissions. If you have been thinking about having a unique piece for the home you are now spending so much time in, let's chat! And of course, payment plan options are for commissions as well.

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