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Discovering Patterns!

Last month was exciting and sparked some changes for me. I am still reeling a bit from my solo exhibit and finding new inspiration which can be harder for me in the winter. I spent most of last month focusing my energy outside the studio, specifically on the mural I completed for Vessel Kitchen and new pathways for sharing my ideas, and taking that little break was the spark I needed to get back into painting larger oil pieces again. My practice is looking a bit more balanced these days, with time in the studio and time spent designing.

For this project I was given complete freedom on the design, with the goal to highlight the restaurant, the space, and add my own flare. What I we landed on pulled from some old design in my sketchbook that I often turn to for doodling or just stress-release. The practice of repetition and line-work has been with me forever, and I have always wanted to turn one into a mural, so I took my shot and I love the way it turned out. We added some sweet veggies and florals to compliment the fresh and local aspect of the restaurant, but made sure it stayed true to my voice.

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