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Bullet Hoof Mural

1700 Square Feet of Art

Well, I did it! This biggest project I have ever undertaken, planned, and executed to date is officially finished. This mural was a whopping 1700 square feet of indoor mural work. I learned so much about painting large scale and working with people on this project and am beyond grateful for the confidence my client had in me and my vision.

My Canopy series that has been a large focus for me most of this year so it feels perfect to close out the series with this monster mural!

Follow my instagram to see process shots and videos of the mural last week.

You can also link to more images of the finished product on my website HERE.

After finishing the mural, I was able to do what I love most about Houston.... visit the Cy Twombly Museum and Menil Collection. I went as many days as I had between finishing the wall and leaving the city and could have gone more. The rest of the summer will be spent taking that creative energy to my studio and exploring my new home in the mountains! 

Thank you all for following my journey- I feel your support in such a real way I couldn't ask for more.


A few weeks ago Echo Arts sister company, Stettie Ruth out of Bozeman put on their second of what will be many single night art experiences. Shift was a one night pop-up art event with live music, dance performances and art hanging all around in a huge industrial warehouse.

Included in the show were seven of my paper pieces hanging creatively with by magnets on a huge metal plate wall.

If you would like to see more pictures of the show and other projects Stettie Ruth is going to present, follow their instagram  @stettieruth

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