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Hello Spring!

Spring is definitely in the air here in Utah! The tree's are starting to blossom and the temperatures are calling for coffee on the porch. No one will be surprised when it snows again, but til then you will find me either in my studio or on the trails.

I plan to spend the majority of this month working between commissions and pieces for my solo exhibit (only six more months to prep!) and am really enjoying the feeling of having a full studio. I love my clients for giving me the freedom to create something special for them, trusting our communication and my techniques. Commissions with abstract art are a little different than a portrait or landscape in that way, its a bit more natural, which gives me the chance to channel some of the clients vibe into the piece as well.

I can't wait to share process videos and a finished mural for Lulu Lemon, but construction times have pushed it back a few weeks. I have learned a lot about working with the big guys through this process and am still so grateful for this opportunity!

Let's Talk Commissions! If you're local, I can come do a home visit to see what and where you want your unique painting, if you're not, we can Zoom chat and make the same thing happen.

Send me a message to chat about a commissioned painting just right for you!

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