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L I V E  D E M O 

T H I S  M O N T H

I had a nice breather last month, but this November I'm buckling down. I'll be participating in the Denver Art Museum's Artists Demonstration series and beyond excited about it! Starting Thanksgiving weekend I will be set up on the main floor of the museum, in the paint studio working on a few new paintings and talking everyone there about them. I will also be there the following weekend, so you have four chances to come watch me paint live. The schedule is from 12-3 Saturday and Sunday of both weekends.

This is such an honor and I am beyond grateful to be creating work in a museum that houses some of my favorite artists.

Starting November 26th I will be installing a mural at the Old Masonic Hall here in Breckenridge as part of the Holiday Instructors show with Breckenridge Creative Arts! It will be similar in color scheme to my Canopy murals, but with little twist. The Show opens December 5th and will be on view through January 5th.

Link to SHOW details HERE

Thank you all for your participation in my Fall Sale! I've updated my shop now, and this year I have decided to offer some gift-able art! I have designed cards in the past and am very excited for this seasons' design based on my Fall Study series. There are a few cards from previous designs as well, limited stock so check them out soon!

shop cards here

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