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Murals & Ofrendas

I am so honored this month to be collaborating with three other amazing Hispanic Colorado artists on a large Ofrenda installation at the Old Masonic Hall Gallery for Dia de los Muertos this year! The entrance will be transformed into one large altar, complete with sculptures representing life and death, hanging textile pieces representing the journey to the afterlife, and two murals by myself and the incredibly talented Armando Silva. The piece is titled Corazón Mexicano and will be up until November 1.

What is an Ofrenda? I teamed up with the Mexican Cultural Center in Denver to provide us exceptional educational material for all those people who don't know and want to learn more about the traditions of your Hispanic neighbors.

"Families set up ofrendas (altars) in their homes and/or public places to honor their deceased loved ones. Before the ofrenda is built, the house is thoroughly cleaned and a good table cloth is laid. The family decorates the ofrenda with offerings that tell a story about their loved one’s life and help to guide their spirits home. Each region has unique traditions and symbolism connected with the holiday." (MCC)

Follow my progress on this installation and all things art at @elisagomezart

I finished teaching Plein Air for the year, but as Fall is my most treasured time of the year, I though it important to share a beautiful shot of some local leaf-peeping trails! The glow, colors, and texture that Fall brings feeds my inspiration all year. I hope this transition is bringins joy to you all!

I will also be launching my La Doña series sometime early November and will let you all know the details soon!

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