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New Work New Look!

Summer Changes

Every year or so I like to revisit my website and make sure the design and usability are staying fresh. This round of revisions I decided to take some things out, move some things around, and just simplify it all. The end product? A much more clean and user friendly website to view my work, my shows, and even studio videos!

The previous version of my site opened with a wonderful video of me working, and don't worry, it's still there! I've added an Inside Look page where you can see studio shots and videos taken over the past few years in the About section. 

I am of course open to feedback and suggestions should you find yourself with any after looking the site over- shoot me a message a let me know your thoughts!

Check out my new website HERE!

In the Studio

There is so much happening in my studio these days...The sun is shining and I can leave my doors open for the fresh mountain breeze to come in while I work. 

Between more mural proposals, fall exhibitions and new work- I'm keeping things rolling up here.

Check out more of my newest Crush series and some new works on paper.

And of course, follow my instagram @elisagomezstudio for daily posts on what is happening in my studio!

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