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Oils and Installs

January was a wild and crazy month with hardly anytime to think about all that was going on. I made it to Bozeman right after the new year to paint a mural, moved into a new studio space to work on some different projects, and started my winter classes! It was a whirlwind to say the least.

My additional studio space has given my the opportunity to work in oils and revisit those rusty techniques from my BFA days. I have only been working a few weeks and am already back in love with my oils. The textures and depth they create and the vibrancy of the colors are incredible.

I will be sharing the works in progress the next few months through my instagram page, so make sure to follow along!

For those local or visiting, I will have set studio hours each week at the Randall Barn, Thursday 5-8 with the opportunity to put your name in a raffle to win a free print to those visitors! If you want to stop by another time just send me a message and I'll make sure to fit you in. 


My mural project in Bozeman, MT for Echo Arts was a big success and made me even more excited to have connected with these innovative ladies. In just a few days I learned that Bozeman is an amazing town, full of kind and active people, great food, and stunning surroundings. The new space for Echo Arts will be opening soon so stay tuned for more fun and unique events!

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