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Mixed Media Installation!

This month marks the opening of my Spring exhibit in Breckenridge, Drip History, on April 13th! This exhibit is a combination of mural work inside Breck Create's Old Masonic Hall using paints from my studio, some transitional colored lights, and in the center of it all, a wall that I have used for my studio work over the past few years painted in aggressive graffiti like marks.

The title for this exhibit comes from my series, History of Paint, which is a collection of paint scraps saved over many years melted into one piece. I love the stories and memories that paint can tell, speaking to the work that has been made. So this time, I took that idea and put it on an entire 8'x10' wall! There are scratches, nails, canvas scraps and more, making it a textural experience as well as a colorful one.

If you are in Summit County this Spring, go check out the exhibit and see a piece of my studio for yourself! I will have a link to show info on my exhibits page soon.

I've had my hands full the past month with a few commissions and upcoming projects. I will have spots opening up this month for more commissions, so reach out and see if it is the right option for you!

Click HERE to learn more.

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