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Standing Together and Hearing Each other

This summer holds a lot promise and I am really looking forward to getting back to a steady routine, painting some murals, and finishing up the final quarter of my Masters program! It is impossible to say that things will get back to normal, but I think it is our job to make sure that things get better and we return to supporting and caring for one another. I am grateful for all your support through the crazy year we have had and hope you are all also getting back to a place that feels like normal. 

I'm sure you have also all been watching the news and following the terrible stories that continue to mount of racial injustice and civil rights abuse. To start doing my part to combat this issue more proactively, I will be donating all profits from my art card sales to the ACLU until they are gone. You can read all about the amazing work the ACLU does HERE and link to purchase cards HERE.

This  is not a political stance, this is a human rights stance and I hope you all feel the same way. I will also be sharing different educational and creative resources to address racial issues on my INSTAGRAM page if you would like to follow along and learn to do better with me.

I am very excited to get back outside to teach my Plein Air painting class with Breckenridge Creative Arts. Starting June 24th and every other Wednesday for the summer I will be heading to different spots all over town to teach landscape painting! Link to see class opportunities soon HERE. I also have a recorded color theory class for those interested in diving into color that I would be happy to share with anyone! 

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