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Thank you all so much for your overwhelming participation in my moving sale last month! It lighten my load and made packing that much easier. Moving is stressful, but we've finished I am so excited to be settled with a new studio to start working from.

Being back in the city is a fun change of pace, but part of the beauty of this town is the very close proximity we are to the mountains I love so much. So, don't worry, I will have all the nature inspiration I need at my fingertips.

We have also added a new puppy to the mix to share our outdoor adventures with! Huckleberry, our golden retriever, has added a new level of fun to our lives and will be such a joy as he grows.

I am also VERY excited to have a uniquely styled solo exhibit coming up at the Old Masonic Hall for Breck Create.

The show will display a painting created from my old studio wall, covered with years of drips, scratches, and more.

Stay tuned next month for the details!

The shop and commission spots are now OPEN!

I have set up a wonderful studio at home and am excited to be creating new work.

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