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The Shape of Abstraction

Lately, I have been thinking over the different forms of abstraction I have practiced over the (gulp) ten years of my painting career since my BFA graduation. I often flow in and out of gestural movement to more defined shapes and lines on a regular basis. It seems like the connection between my various styles is the love I have for color relationships and color theory. Anyone who has taken a class from me or just talked shop will know that I hold color theory in the highest regard. Nothing can evoke emotion from me more than a perfect color relationship, whether that is high contrast or subtle hues.

Looking over my work the past few years brings all those memories back and helps me to see what techniques I want to revisit and what they mean to me now.

In the studio I am back to working on my larger abstract expressionist paintings, full of massy marks, layers of washes and a pallet undoubtedly influenced by nature.

You can see one of such abstracted floral pieces I recently finished for Art Access' 300 plate show. This show is a longstanding Utah tradition supporting local artists and a wonderful non-profit. Link HERE to see how to participate in the auction!

Commissions and the SHOP are both open! Click to learn more!

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