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Creating Spontaneous and Bright Abstract Art

Updated: Jun 17

A new series for a new chapter in my life

Green, red and purple abstract floral painting, oil painting hanging on wall

This month I am so excited to share a new abstract floral art series with you all that is connecting both the changing seasons in nature and my life.

This new series, "Espontánea," started out with me feeling surprising new pull towards bright and chartreuse greens recently. At first, I assumed that a simple explanation of the country Spring was influencing my pallet and that was easy enough to understand. But, the further I explored my attraction towards this color, one that in the past I was not just reluctant but really put-off by, the more I realized its youthful and vivid tone was also representing my current juncture in life and I should embrace it.


Bringing a new life to the world is a big change, no doubt, and I have been curious to see how this journey would affect my work. These paintings are the culmination of that experience thus far. I am embracing what once I couldn't see the beauty in with fresh eyes and excitement!

There is brightness, newness, a bit of chaos, and of course room for bold pops of color. I am still learning what this series means so me, and I look forward to seeing where it leads.

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