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Counting Down....

Dark blue abstract painting hanging on wall. Wall art framed

We are now counting down just a few weeks to meeting our little baby boy, and things have been going very smoothly. I feel extremely lucky, grateful, and ready to take on whats next.

These past few weeks I have been painting, keeping active, and also getting to a place where I accept that I will have to PAUSE soon. That part is going to be a huge change for me, but will also be necessary in a way I can't avoid. I've been on such a fulfilling roll with my new series and will work on that as long as I can knowing that I embraced this journey to the fullest.

The coming weeks will undoubtedly fly by, and on that note, so will the next few months. You probably won't hear from me as much while I settle into recovery and motherhood, however I do plan, and can't wait, to get back in the studio as it starts to become a part of my new routine.

I also got a few paintings back from storage and have been so happy to play with virtual install images like this one!

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