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Art installation fun!

Updated: Jul 10

Virtual art installation of large abstract oil painting

Happy Summer y'all! We welcomed home baby Cy on June 21, the Summer Solstice and what turned out to be a very wild and crazy day. There is no way to prepare someone for all the uncertainties about pregnancy, birth, and what comes next, but I am so happy to say that we are both very healthy and happy and overcome with support and love from every corner of the world!


While I recover physically and adjust mentally, I have been having so much fun with the Art Placer App, to show art installation digitally onto different spaces as well as client spaces! There is so much to be trepidatious about with AI, Chat GBT, etc, but there is also SO much we can get out of it, and the ability to share more work, more accurately in your space or a dream space is one of those ways.

If you want to see what a piece would look like in your space or a big wall, let me know and we can mock-it up!

new baby at home sitting outside with dog

New work and commissions I plan to resume early Fall, but in the meantime check out the shop for ready to ship, available work!

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